Every year the Committee of Writers comes together to write The Fiction, a living narrative that plunges real people into a fictional world. Today marks the beginning of the forty-seventh Fiction.

The theme: "This year we let the audience control the Fiction."

Four main characters.

An unwritten world. 

A gambit.

How will you write this year's Fiction?

About This Project—

The Liar's Gambit is an experiment in collaborative writing. What happens to fiction when it becomes a reciprocal process between reader and writer? Can a fiction still function as a narrative even when it is formulated spontaneously?


1) Start reading and catch up!

  • Start reading from “The Prologue” and catch up to the most recent chapter! (These chapters are listed on the site’s sidebar.

2) Find the newest chapter and participate by clicking the big, bold letters in caps! 

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  • Every chapter will pose at least one question. The answers you provide will determine the direction of the next chapter. The “winning” answer will be based off of varying criteria; it will not always necessarily be determined by popularity.
  • These questions will be embedded into the story— most of the time the things you’ll be able to respond to will be in BIG, BOLD LETTERS IN CAPS. Click on them to find out what it is you must do to participate! (Don’t worry, it’s always straightforward!)
  • Please note that your feedback will only count on the newest chapter! (It’s impossible to take your suggestion into consideration when a chapter has already been submitted!) So please make sure that you are on the newest chapter before participating!
  • If you have any questions about participating, I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have! You can contact me through my Author page OR on any of my linked social media.


  • The speed at which the next chapter is submitted is dependent on the length of each chapter and the amount of feedback that is necessary to determine the subsequent plot point. The easiest way to keep up to date with the story is to follow this blog,  BUT you can also see the next forecasted update date at the bottom of each chapter!

DISCLAIMER: I am licensing this work under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShakeAlike 4.0 International. In other words, if you redistribute this work in any way, you must link back to the original page— either to to this blog or to the Wattpad version of the story. You may not use this material for commercial purposes. You can remix, transform or build upon the material so long as you link back to this material and do not claim the original material as your own. You can create fiction and artwork based off of this fiction, so long as you do not claim any of the specific story concepts as your own. By acknowledging the above criteria, you also acknowledge that you waive the rights to any compensation for your suggestions or feedback you provide for this story.